Birthdays, name-days, wedding anniversaries, feasts, acknowledgements, surprises, health maintenance - a lot of opportunities to please our loved ones.

It takes a lot of puzzlement and leg-work to find an individual and unique present.

The Lillavadi massage gift voucher is an elegant and very unique gift, which will raise a smile on the face of your loved one(s) certainly.

You can choose a voucher for a particular massage, or you can buy an "optional voucher", which means that the owners of the voucher can choose what they like from the list of the massage services.

You can order it right here!

1. Please fill in the form and send it to our address.

2. We will send an e-mail back to you, in which we will confirm your order and it will contain all of the data required for the payment process. You can pay for the service via a transfer from your bank account.

3. The voucher and the invoice will be sent to your address, or you can get them in the massage parlour personally.




If you want to order more than one voucher, please indicate the number you want in the Other information field!

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