Alpha-sphere is a multi-dimensional experience room, which leads you into an incomparable sense of mind with the special combination of sounds, lights, warm and moves.

AlphaSphere Stimulates and connect the senses. It allows you to experience your senses not as separate sensations, but as a whole.
Spatial limits cease to exist. Rational and analytical thinking fade into the background. All feeling is directed towards your inner self, your senses take off on a journey.

infinity and serenity pampers you. It opens up a space for a new experience of yourself and the world in a special - 21st century -  way, all of our senses pulsing in perfect harmony with the infinite space.
Colour, shape and light in unique combination with sound, vibration and warmth lead to a special state of mind.
A színek, formák és fények egyedülálló kombinációja hangokkal, vibrációval és meleggel egy különleges állapot eléréséhez vezetnek.
You feel light and free, both physically and mentally.
ultra-deep relaxation -  immediate alpha-experience
Three-dimensional clouds of sound open up your perception.
Gentle vibrations caress your entire body.
The wing-shaped lounge embraces and uplifts you.
Your body rocks to the gentle rhythm of your breathing.
The lounge's warm surface pampers your body.
The magical blue radiance gives serenity.
A glorious sensorial cocoon envelopes you.