Thanks to its ergonomic form, the special,  wing-shaped lounge embraces and uplifts, all of your senses can experience harmony with its help. Being a multi-sensory tool, it houses all necessary stimuli.


These are the system's software. The user can choose different compositions, such as sensitive, standard or intensive to achieve different effects. The experience lasts for 25 minutes. There are special programs to expand the range of applications, for example an especially gentle one for expecting mothers. 


It provides an ideal three-dimensional setting to achieve the effect. Multi-layered lining creates a visual three-dimensional, wave-lake movement, the so-called moiré effect. The human eye is rewarded with a new sensation of spatial depth. Spatial limits cease to exist.
This both visually and acoustically detached retreat from the outside world allows the user to quickly reach the Alpha state without external influences. Its modular structure allows the architectonic integration of Alpha-space into any given surroundings. Available styles range from the Basic model to the sound-absorbing Comfort model, Right up to the high-end glass design model DeluxeSpace.