Prof. Thomas Slunecko


Dr Thomas Slunecko, practicing psychotherapist examined the relaxation effect of the AlphaSphere lounge and the change it induced in consciousness.  Breaking up with the Euro-American psychological traditions, which focus on the wakeful consciousness and ego, this study examined the altered consciousness with the method of questions and deep interviews.

Questioning was carried out immediately after the alpha-state, when people were still lying on the AlphaSphere lounge. Results show that every person experienced the relaxation effect, and attributed considerable reliability to the lounge. The AlphaSphere experience causes impressive formal alterations in consciousness and I-world relations. Introduces thinking in substances and the phenomenon of uniting. Multi-sensory stimuli open the sensorial space, visual experience is less emphasized. People account for timelessness, their experiences can basically be described with two metaphors.  One of them is a “journey downwards”, toward the ancient psyche, mother womb and the birth experiences, the other one is a „journey upwards”, towards religion, exaltation, which correspond to the culturally formed symbols of special consciousness. All the accounts refer to a high activity level right after the relaxation. Instead of conventional self-sensing and cognitive control another, pure consciousness came into the limelight. Traumatic experiences were not observed to turn up during relaxation. Experiments show that the AlphaSphere lounge can easily be fitted into different therapy methods with the combination of relaxation and psychotherapy.


The next study was prepared by Isabelle Schiesser at the Institute of Perception Research Vienna. The object of the study was the mutual influence of physiological oscillation and rhythms. Comforting and stimulating elements alternate as a result of sound and vibration elements.

The research was carried out with volunteers at constant temperature, nearly at the same time. After a short briefing a relaxation measuring of 4 minutes was made, then came a sound program of 27 minutes, then finally the follow up measures of 4 minutes again. This was continued with the personal interviews. The below mentioned parameters were examined with the biofeedback system: skin conductance, peripheral body temperature, pulse amplitude and rate, breathing rate and amplitude, and EMG (muscle tension). It was generally observed that compared to the base results, body temperature increased, pulse rate, skin conductance and muscle activity decreased, which indicate a higher relaxation. Similar pattern can be observed in the follow up measures, but the lasting decrease of skin conductance suggests continuative relaxation.

Due to the restriction of sympathetic stimuli (during relaxation parasympathetic predominance occur) peripheral blood-vessels expand resulting in the increase of temperature. This also leads to the decrease of skin conductance – decreased functioning of perspiration glands reduces the water content of the skin surface. The decrease of pulse rate can be attributed to the same reason. Breathing parameters did not refer to a unanimous relaxation reaction. Some test subjects accounted for stimulating experiences, which can be seen in the adequate change of skin conductance and body temperature. Some people experienced mental activity during relaxation characterised by increased skin conductance and decreased pulse rate and body temperature.


In summary measurable results demonstrated the outstanding relaxation effect of the AlphaSphere lounge.


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