Thai massage

Thai massage helps you feel rejuvenated and fresh, and is even capable of alleviating aches and pains. It calms and stimulates your body and soul. Thai massage improves your blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby helping to detoxify your body. Massage stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the internal organs. The stretches and pulls carried out cautiously during the course of the massage help to ease the rigidity and tension of muscles and joints, while they also enhance the flexibility of the body. After the massage, you will feel fresh and flexible. You will immediately appreciate the ease with which you will be able to move. Muscle rigidity will be a thing of the past.

While modern societies have significantly improved living standards in the past one hundred years, are able to offer (the promise of) a number of advantages and financial benefits and induce us to achieve an ever higher level of wealth and comfort, a lifestyle revolving around material riches involving tension, permanent fears, stress and habits almost in denial of health is able to take all of these advantages and benefits away from us or renders them unenjoyable. Beyond doubt, a hurried lifestyle with its day-to-day struggles has a negative impact on human life and the quality of life, and the (permanent) destructive psychological pressure, stress, the lack of exercise, bad posture, one-sided physical activity and the lack of relaxation may lead to the development of an asymmetrical muscle tone. Permanent, involuntary tension in some muscle groups, in particular, in the muscles around the neck and the shoulders, may reduce the blood supply of the brain which may lead to the general debilitation of the cognitive functions but may also cause headaches, digestive problems, depression, a degree of enervation, a general lack of energy, inexplicable bursts of aggression or may reduce our level of tolerance or may debilitate the immune system.

Most regrettably, modern man does not attribute particular significance to massage, this fully explored effect mechanism comprehensively observed by the people of years past. Modern man does not regularly examine the signs of his body and soul, does not make conscious efforts to avoid harmful effects and, very often, neglects his state of health to a degree where physical and mental deterioration is beyond repair.

Consequently, progress in the financial department often leads to a debilitated spiritual and physical state which makes our favourite objects, the symbols of our wealth and products designed to entertain unenjoyable and worthless at best. In a worst-case scenario, our health, human and family relations may take a fatal turn.

Massage is able to prevent the development of a number of civilisation-related and degenerative illnesses, alleviates complaints, reinforces and boosts the human body. We may often experience quite incredible results in the course of massage treatments, such as, for instance, the self-curing capacity of massage. At the same time, a well-performed, careful, personalised massage rejuvenates you, results in a positive outlook on life and in physical and spiritual recreation, and relieves stress, a phenomenon that has most regrettably become a permanent part of our day-to-day life.



Traditional Thai Massage

The customer changes into comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and lies down onto a mattress. We do not use oil in traditional Thai massage. Thai massage fundamentally follows the Sen- (energy) lines of the body and uses rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twists and stretches. It relaxes and relieves the joints, while it stretches the muscles. Thai massage is the art of stretching, pressure and relaxation. The masseur applies each movement for the purpose of sufficiently relaxing the muscles. In performing Thai massage, the masseur stimulates the internal organs, enhances vitality and thereby helps to achieve a state of deep relaxation. By stimulating the lymphatic functions, traditional Thai massage contributes to the detoxification of the body, boosts the immune system and, by improving flexibility, helps to prevent illnesses and/or injuries. A further beneficial effect of Thai massage is the creation of a harmonious balance between body and soul. 



Herbal Massage

Herbal steam (vapour) massage is performed with a wet-pack ball placed onto the body and consists of a coordinated series of Thai yoga stretches, in the course of which the masseur presses traditionally steamed hot herbal fabric patch balls onto the body. By massaging the tired areas with a ball containing 14 different herbs, wrapped into a special fabric package and steamed with an aroma heater, we may achieve a pain relieving and muscle relaxing effect, and as the heat penetrates deep into the body, it relieves any blockages, tension or stiffness in the most direct possible way. The wet-pack balls may be used directly on the painful parts of the body or on the entire body surface for the purpose of boosting and supporting the flow of energy in the body in the correct direction 


Aroma-therapeutic Oil Massage

Aroma-therapeutic oil massage means a full-body massage on a massage bed specifically designed for the purpose. The essential oils used yield their beneficial effect directly through the skin by stimulating the sense organs of touch and smell. Massage performed with oil stimulates the blood circulation, while the essential oils become absorbed through the skin and are inhaled via the nose. The masseur uses an aroma-therapeutic oil on the body which calms the nerves, detoxifies the body and rejuvenates the soul. Aroma-therapeutic oil massage also relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation and calms the body.  


Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage means the massage of the feet and lower legs which includes manual stretches and theopening" of the Sen (energy) lines by virtue of massaging. Foot massage is performed in a comfortable massage chair that may be tilted back. We use a special stick specifically designed for the purpose in order to effectively stimulate the reflex points on the soles of the feet which are connected to various internal organs. By pressing acupressure points, masseurs proceed from the sole of the foot upwards, via the calf, to the knee, and finally, they also massage the upper body and the head. Thai foot massage has a natural, beneficial effect on the internal organs, blood circulation and limbs. A calming and body energising effect is attributed to this type of massage throughout Asia. Thai foot massage improves circulation in the feet and hands, contributes to detoxification, boosts the immune system and alleviates aches and pains in the lower leg and the sole of the foot.


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